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The Rugby Trainer Academy

Elevate Your Game with your very own Skills Coach - right at your fingertips!

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Welcome to 

The Rugby

Trainer Academy

Elevate Your Game with your very own Skills Coach - right at your fingertips!


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Every Week, Players of all ages are improving their tackling, passing, catching, 1v1 skills, contact work and much more through our help & guidance.

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Is the Academy for you?

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Do you answer 'Yes' to any of these questions?


✅ Are you lacking confidence in your Tackle technique?

✅ Are you dedicated and hungry to improve your performance?

✅ Do you want to become the best player you can be? 

✅ Do you want to learn new skills that will help you in game?

The 8 Pillars of Our Academy

Discover the foundational pillars of our Academy, granting you full access to a wealth of resources and tools. These pillars are continually updated with new and exciting features.

Tackling & Contact

Boost Your Contact Confidence with Tailored Programmes for Mini's, Juniors & Seniors!


A diverse range of passing programs to enhance your power and accuracy in each pass

Attacking Skills

Plans covering offloading, footwork, hand-offs, high ball catching, ball carrying skills, and much more

The Clubhouse

Access our Community for analysis feedback, live skill sessions, exclusive content and BIG giveaways.


Programs focused on developing your kicking, including grubber kicks and kicks out of hand.

Position Specific

Position-specific skills programs covering scrum-half passing, box kicks, hooker throwing, lineout jumping, and more.


Speed, Stability, and Conditioning plans designed to enhance your performance on the field.

Skills Library

A Library with over 500+ Skill Drill Videos where you can create your own programmes. 

What you get in the Academy Membership: 


✅ Training plans covering 6 key Pillars;

Tackling & Contact



Speed & Conditioning,

Attacking Skills

Positional Skills 


  Weekly Analysis & Feedback on your training from Ben or RTA Coach.

✅ Additional Weekly Live Skill Sessions to follow along, perfect for mini's & Junior players.

✅ Access all your plans with our easy to use app

Join the inspiring Community thats offer, competition, giveaways & extra tips.

✅ And so much more!

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