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5 Tips to Become a World-Class Outside Half in Rugby with Marcus Smith

Sep 22, 2023

Here are 5 Tips Marcus Shared with me to help you become the best 10 you can be!

1. Kicking: Marcus Smith, the expert himself, emphasizes the crucial role of kicking in a world-class outside half's arsenal. Mastering various kicking techniques – whether it's the booming clearance kick or the precision grubber – can drastically change the game's dynamics. Practice makes perfect here, as consistent training hones accuracy, distance, and timing. Kicking doesn't just secure territory, it sets up attacking opportunities too.

2. Decision Making: In the high-stakes world of outside halves, decision making separates the good from the great. It's about assessing situations lightning-fast – when to pass, kick, or carry. Marcus Smith highlights the importance of reading the game like a pro. Regular match simulations, small sided games, and decision making drills can train your brain to make split-second choices that turn matches in your favour.

3. Passing: Passing isn't just about getting the ball from A to B – it's an art. Marcus Smith's tip: hone your passing skills like you're crafting a masterpiece. Accurate, crisp passes can unlock defenses and set up try-scoring opportunities. Regular passing drills with different ranges, angles, and timing will level up your skills and build trust with your teammates.

4. Defence: Defensive prowess isn't exclusive to forwards. As an outside half, your tackling and defensive positioning can make or break a game. Marcus Smith emphasizes that a world-class 10 is also a solid defender. Practicing tackling techniques, understanding defensive patterns, and perfecting your one-on-one tackles are essential for a complete game.

5. Attacking: Attacking flair is what electrifies the crowd, and Marcus Smith knows it. Whether it's a clean line break or an audacious chip and chase, attacking creativity sets you apart. Regular practice of footwork, vision, and support lines can elevate your attacking game. Don't be afraid to experiment with new moves and strategies – that's how you keep defenders guessing.

The Importance of Practicing All 5: Mastering each of these 5 aspects is like building the ultimate rugby toolkit. A world-class outside half is a complete package – strong in kicking, sharp in decision making, precise in passing, solid in defence, and dynamic in attack. Regular practice ensures that you're well-equipped to adapt to any situation on the field. Marcus Smith's advice: Practice each skill relentlessly, and watch your game transform into something truly exceptional.

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