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How to Build Tackle Confidence

Mar 08, 2023

 Rugby is a highly physical sport that demands a combination of strength, speed, and agility from its players. Tackling is one of the most fundamental skills in rugby, and it's essential that players learn the proper technique to minimise the risk of injury and build confidence on the field. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of training the tackle technique for rugby players to help them become safer, more effective players.

 Firstly, let's define what a tackle is. A tackle in rugby occurs when a player carrying the ball is brought to the ground by one or more players from the opposing team. Tackling is a crucial aspect of rugby, as it enables the defending team to regain possession of the ball and launch a counter-attack. However, tackling is also one of the most dangerous aspects of the sport, as it involves a significant amount of physical contact and can lead to serious injuries if not executed correctly.

One of the primary reasons why training the tackle technique is so important is that it can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Tackling can cause a wide range of injuries, from bruises and cuts to more serious injuries like concussions, fractures, and spinal cord injuries. Proper training in tackling technique can help players avoid these injuries by teaching them how to tackle safely and effectively. For example, players can learn how to tackle with their shoulders instead of their heads, reducing the risk of head and neck injuries. They can also learn how to wrap their arms around the opposing player and drive them to the ground safely, reducing the risk of spinal cord injuries. Another benefit of training the tackle technique is that it can help build confidence on the field (see the video below).

Rugby is a sport that requires a great deal of physical and mental toughness, and mastering the tackle can help players feel more confident and in control. When players feel confident in their ability to tackle, they are more likely to be assertive on the field and make bold moves that can help their team succeed. To train the tackle technique effectively (see video below), coaches should focus on several key aspects. Firstly, players should learn the correct body position and technique for tackling. This includes keeping their head up, Chopping their feet, driving with their legs, and wrapping their arms around the opposing player. Players should also learn how to read the opposing player's movements and anticipate their next move, allowing them to make an effective tackle. – all explained in the video below.

 Secondly, coaches should focus on building strength and endurance in their players. Tackling requires a great deal of physical strength and endurance, and players should be trained to develop these qualities through regular strength training and conditioning exercises.

 Lastly, coaches should emphasise the importance of safety in tackling. They should encourage their players to respect their opponents and avoid unnecessary roughness on the field. This includes avoiding dangerous tackles like high tackles, tip tackles, and tackles that involve lifting the opposing player off the ground and driving into the floor.

 In conclusion, training the tackle technique is essential for rugby players to help them become safer, more effective players. By teaching proper technique, building strength and endurance, through a variation of styles of tackling, and emphasising safety on the field, coaches can help their players develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in this physically demanding sport.

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